How To Fix Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode

Is your Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode? The problem is not new in Galaxy devices, Galaxy S3 users also have

Is your Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode? The problem is not new in Galaxy devices, Galaxy S3 users also have encountered this same issue, and we discussed the solution for that. In this post, we will discuss the solution for Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode problem, and you can follow them in order to get the phone back to its normal condition.

Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode

Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode

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Fixes For Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode

Usually Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode problem occurs because of a bad update, flashing went wrong or a corrupted firmware. Here I will mention two methods, first follow the method one and then check. If still the problem exists, follow the method 2 to unbrick your soft bricked phone.

Method 1

If your Galaxy S5 Stuck In Download Mode, take out the battery from the phone, then insert it and turn on your phone. Now connect the phone with your PC after the phone booted completely. Check if you have the right driver installed on your PC. If you see that your phone connects successfully and comes up as a storage device, then everything is fine. If not, then you need to download skies, because Samsung kies contains the drivers that are needed for the phone to contact with PC.

Method 2

Follow this method if your phone stuck on logo, restarts randomly, etc. and this method is only for S5 SM-G900H users.

To unbrick your phone, you need to ready:

> Stock firmware for Galaxy S5

> Samsung USB drivers

> Odin file for flashing the firmware

> Computer or Laptop with windows operating system.

Steps to unbrick soft bricked Galaxy S5

> Download the USB drivers from the Internet and install it.

> Download Odin and extract the Odin zip file. Inside the zip file, there is Odin3 v3.09.exe, run it as administrator.

> Download a firmware but make sure that firmware is released for your region otherwise you might face more trouble.

> You will get a .tar.md5 file after extracting the firmware file.

> Now switch off your phone and boot it in download mode by pressing the Home button, power button and Volume Down button together and hold them until a Warning! Screen appears. Now enter into Download mode pressing the Volume Up button.

> Now connect your Galaxy S5 to your PC. If Odin detects the phone, its message box will be showing Added! message and a number will be assigned in the If Odin does not detect your phone, make sure that you have installed the correct drivers and also check the connection between the phone and PC.

> Click AP button on Odin and browse .tar.md5 firmware file.

> Check that only the F.Reset Timer and Auto Reboot boxes are marked. Re-partition checkbox should be unchecked.

> Now press the Start button and the flashing procedure will start. Do not interrupt this process.

> Odin will show Pass when the process is done and the phone will reboot automatically. Wait for some time, you will see the welcome screen.

In you see Fail instead of Pass, then something went wrong. So disconnect your phone, remove battery and close Odin. Wait for few minutes and then follow the process again.