How Wireless Charging Works With Galaxy S6?

Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge come with wireless charging feature which allows the users to charge

Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge come with wireless charging feature which allows the users to charge the phones faster when the device or its screen is turned off or inactive. Samsung has implemented fast charging feature with battery charging technology which increases the charging power and thus the battery charges faster than normal.

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Many of you who have not got any of these two variants may think how wireless charging works with Galaxy S6? Well, the phone has built in wireless charging coil and it let the battery charge with the use of a wireless charging pad which is sold separately. The charging coil is entrenched in the wireless charging pad which generates an electromagnetic field, it transmits energy to the induction coil which is set inside the Galaxy S6. Thus the battery of your phone is charged with the transmitted energy.

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This charging pad is available on Samsung Online store and Samsung offline Authorized shop.

How Wireless Charging Works With Galaxy S6

Steps to use the wireless charging pad with Galaxy S6

Here is a step by step guide for those who have not used wireless charging pad before or not sure how wireless charging works with Galaxy S6.

> First the wired charged needs to be connected with the wireless charging pad. It is suggested to use Samsung approved wired charger only in order to avoid any type of charging issue.

> The phone has to be placed in the center of the charging pad in any direction after connecting the wired charger properly.

> The charging status will be shown on the screen in the battery icon. Make sure that your Galaxy S6 is charging properly, if not then check if there is any other material between the charging pad and the phone as they may create barrier between them.

> Disconnect your phone from the wireless charging pad when the phone is fully charged.

Steps to check if the phone is charging normally while using the charging pad

When the wireless charging pad initiates a pop up will be appeared on the screen along with a sound that will be played on your phone. Another sign is that the battery icon will be changed to charging icon with the LED indicator turning to RED. The wireless charging pad also should lights up in BLUE.

When you receive any messages or other notifications, the indicator LED on your phone will be changed to some other colors.

The battery icon on your Galaxy S6 will show full charged icon once the battery is charged fully. The LED indicator of your phone will turn to GREEN and the color of wireless charging pad LED will also change to GREEN.

The color of the indicator LED will depend on the wired charger that is being used. If you use an old wired charger that comes with low power in order to supply power to the charging pad, the indicator LED on the charging pad turns Cyan. It allows your phone to charge but the charging speed is slow thus takes more time for full charging than normal.

Samsung Approved 5V/2A is the recommended power for a wired charger to use with wireless charging pad.

Does third-party back cover work as a barrier while wireless charging?

It is always advised to use Samsung accessories only for Samsung phones. But still you can use back cover from third party and it should not create any problem to charge the phone through the charging pad. But if you see the phone is not charging, place it very close to the charging pad so that if the back cover is too thick it cannot prevent the phone from charging. If still the phone won’t charge, then remove the back cover while charging.

Normally wireless charger takes 3 hours to charge the phone battery fully. But this time usually depends on the device status and other charging conditions as mentioned before.

So this is how wireless charging works with Galaxy S6.

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