Samsung Galaxy A7 Review: Your Smartest Option

    Samsung is famous for its famous and quality products. Putting aside the fact that they produce



Samsung is famous for its famous and quality products. Putting aside the fact that they produce A1 home appliances Samsung is known for always manufacturing the best phones. Durable and stylish for their durability time span every Samsung model you lay hands on, will give you a sensation of safety and robustness. Quickly making its way in the media Samsung is rapidly becoming the next best brand that everyone chooses at first sight!This is Technobezz Samsung Galaxy A7 Review

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 just launched the other day. Lately many people have started chattering and gossiping about the brand new just released Samsung smartphone: Samsung Galaxy A7. It made way in the markets in February 2015 when it was just freshly released. There are many out there who still want and need to know more about this marvelous phone. And this article is just for them! Everything that they need to know about this smartphone is listed down in detail.

Appearance- Galaxy A7

Available in 3 decent colors the Samsung Galaxy A7 lives up to its prestigious name in the media and press. Wherever you may go you can hold any Samsung model and it will be just right. Whether it is for meetings or parties your Samsung Galaxy A7 is always an amazing pick. And of course, if you need additional beauty or design you can always use cases and phone covers to increase the beauty of your phone.

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You can check out the variety of colors from the official portal. They live with the names of Champagne Gold, Midnight Black and Pearl White. Each hue is unique in its own way. Moving on, the Samsung Galaxy A7 has a very broad and ample screen that can help in many situations. The screen measures up to 5.5 inches and is Super AMOLED with a huge diversity of 16M colors.

This Samsung model’s screen resolution goes up to 1080 x 1920 pixels and has the feature of multi-touching. The screen also has a protecting layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Camera- Samsung Galaxy A7

Of course with such amazing features, one can only expect a very high-class camera with this exceptional Samsung smartphone. Samsung Galaxy A7 lives with the main camera of 13 megapixel. One can only express his utter joy for this amazing feature in this phone. This 13 MP camera has a resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels. Even those people who have disagreed with all of Samsung’s models had to admit that this special Galaxy A7 model was exceptionally awesome in so many aspects.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Camera Features

Samsung Galaxy A7 Camera Review including Front Facing Camera

Samsung Galaxy A7 Camera Review including Front Facing Camera


The front camera, however, is also very good rendering to the fact that it is a front cam. It is 5 MP and has a resolution of 1080p. Pretty good for selfies, for all those out there who are crazy about this new-fangled idea. Many people take pictures with their front camera but the outcome is usually pitiful and very disappointing. But not with this amazing smartphone.

Apart from all these amazing aspects and features, the Samsung Galaxy A7 has a lot more in store for you. There is no intention of ruining the surprises you’ll get, but one of the best expected and wonderful things you can anticipate from this Samsung phone is its Smarter Selfie Shooting feature. Most of the times when people stand for a picture together the camera holder involuntarily has to have his forearms in the picture for clicking the ‘capture’ button. That never happens with the Samsung Galaxy A7 for it has a very special and unique feature that allows you to snap a picture by the mere touch of your palm or with your voice.

IPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy A7 Camera

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Another very advanced and hugely applauded feature this phone’s camera has is that you can portray a whole story or meaning, with one simple step. The Galaxy A7 Animated Selfie bonus feature lets you record and capture multiple photos and putting them together to create a very short video (mostly known as a GIF). You can snap about 20 photos and out them together instead of going through the whole lengthy process of making as video. Think of this feature as the new easy way of making a short Snapchat story. Except that, it loads better.


Most people worry and complain from the horrible prospect of low space/memory on their smartphones. Most of the times people tend to use as little space as usual and refrain from downloading their favorite apps and music tracks. That will never happen with you with the Samsung Galaxy A7 for it has a very big range of space. It has a 2 GB RAM and an internal space of 16 GB. It also gives you the option to use a 64 GB microSD card. SO whatever it is that you need or want to download, you can easily do that with no worries or fear.


The A7 has a non-removable 2600 mAh Li-ion battery. People might think that it is weak or not strong enough but in fact, the Galaxy A7 is very powerful and can withstand for a lot of time for the normal person. The 3G version of this phone has a talk-time of 17 hours or so and a time span of 54 hours for continuous music play. Well, of course, procuring to the fact that this phone has so many plus points and new unique features that many other smartphones lack and do not have.

GSMA Battery test





Currently, this phone is working on an Android OS KitKat v4.4.4! Every phone can be upgraded and installed with a brand new Android version. You can install the latest Lollipop Android version on your A7. But, one should know that with the new installation of Android versions you need space and internal memory. You will need quite some space and if you do not yet have your memory card and do not have enough space, you will have to remove a few of your apps.

That is all, for now, folks! We will be coming back to you with brand new features and perks that still have to be known. For now, enjoy!

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