Top Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a promising phone with all the top-notch features a user could have in a single communication

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a promising phone with all the top-notch features a user could have in a single communication and multimedia device. It comes with an extraordinary display that shows off soothing colors, a fantastic camera quality which can take perfect pictures of fast moving objects along with a massive storage facility to store all the memories in. Finally, adding a cherry on the top is the dual stereo speakers which are tuned by none other than the Harman. Here are some of the top best features of Samsung Galaxy S9.

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List of Top Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy S9

Colors Available:

  • Midnight Black
  • Lilac Purple
  • Coral blue

The all new Samsung Galaxy S9 will soon be available in three different mesmerizing colors, a dark and matt finish, ‘midnight black’, a ‘coral blue’ and ‘lilac purple’ for the soft. All the three absolutely stunning colors are attractive with a soothing and a gentle finishing. T

Dimensions and weight:

  • 163 grams
  • 7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm

The dimensions and design are thought of and made in a way which makes the new Samsung Galaxy S9 look subtle yet extraordinary. The dimensions deliver customer comfort. Its weight can be compared to the weight of an ordinary fruit, which again brings the idea back to square one the user comfort and user-friendliness. The top best feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 is its sleek and glamorous design which is a total feast to one’s eyes which eventually attracts and leads to a temptation of owning it.

Internal storage:  

  • 64 GB – Available in all the three colors
  • 256 GB – Available only in ‘Midnight Black’

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is all about its extra-spacious and larger than life, inbuilt, internal storage of a massive 256 GB. Although this feature is only available in the model and color of ‘midnight black’, a user can store over eighty-thousand pictures, over thirty-five thousand music tracks and hundreds of applications and also in addition to it another SD card. The 64 GB model also stands no less with a capability of storing more than ten thousand tracks and twenty-two thousand pictures.


Top Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Rear camera: 12 megapixels
  • Front camera: 8 megapixels

The camera and the picture quality along with other features make the Samsung S9 more special than ever. The top feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the super speed dual capture provided in the rear camera. This feature allows you to capture any moment of a fast moving object. It autofocuses and helps you get the perfect photo of the object you want. The F1.5 and F2.4 optical image stabilization or OIS allow you to take clear pictures and smooth videos.


The new Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a classy 5.8-inches display making it easy comfortable to use. It has the top features of a stunning and mesmerizing infinity display, covering every part of the screen without any borders. It comes with an outstanding resolution of Quad high definition plus, five times greater than any normal, basic resolution. The top feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the field of the display is its special AMOLED or Super AMOLED screen. It emits an automatic, semiconducting light background behind the screen.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes which a range of sensors. It has a pressure sensor, which can operate in the presence of the owner’ feel. The light sensors, automatically operating according to the brightness of the surrounding. Proximity sensor, detecting the presence of different objects present nearby the phone. The top features of Samsung Galaxy S9 include all these sensors in addition to the basic sensors of Hall, Accelerometer, and Barometer. The HR sensor or the High-Resolution sensor provides the user with the automatic increase and decrease in resolution of the display.


It comes with an extraordinary battery of 3000 mAh. It holds the capacity of supplying charge to the phone throughout for ten long hours with an immense usage of the phone. If used properly, it can go on for as long as sixteen hours at a stretch. It is considered to be a mini power bank as it only takes up to two to three hours to charge itself up fully and then provide the phone with battery supply for the next ten to sixteen hours.


With a massive storage of 256 GB along with an additional storage system of up to 1 GB along with a super-fast RAM is a dream come true. You store over eighty thousand pictures, thirty thousand tracks, over hundreds of applications along with many other things.


Top Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Iris scanner
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Face detection
  • Other body parts detection

The top feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the iris scanner. After many frauds with the fingerprint scanner, the new enforcement came is the iris scanner, which is more trustworthy than the fingerprint scanner.


An octa-core 10 nm processor delivers smooth functioning without any hanging of the device. Increases connectivity and proper functioning of different applications. It is a perfect processing unit for sure.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 works with a USB Type C cable. It delivers a Bluetooth connection at a range of two times more than any other device.


The release date for Galaxy S9 is set for March 16. You can pre-book it in the Samsung online store.

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